We help our clients navigate digital transformation and exploit the true potential of digital products and services.

As Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Global Business Services puts it:

There’s no longer any real distinction between business strategy and the design of the user experience. The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.

Our rare combination of proven design methods, multidisciplinary technical expertise and visionary mind-set ensure clear definition of how digital products can best interact with and provide valued services to their users.

  • Customer & Design Research
    • We immerse ourselves deeply into your customer’s mind and their context to find insights that will help refine and grow your business.
    • Tools
      • Morphological psychology, Need-based personas, Context-mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
    • We visualize your customer experience with an engaging customer journey map. Apply a dozen strategies to incrementally improve your service or develop radically new propositions.
    • Tools
      • Customer journey mapping Value proposition Brand strategy Service blueprint
  • Prototyping & User Testing
    • We validate your business ideas in 7 days: from an idea to a user-tested prototype. We eliminate uncertainty and endless discussion with your team, develop compelling services and increase your speed to market.
    • Tools
      • Design sprint, Prototyping, User testing
  • UX Design
    • Our UX design team will ensure your Service Design strategy is translated in clever digital products that people love to use. Making sure our in-depth insights are realised through fingerlicking interaction, visual and motion design.
    • Tools
      • UX design, Touchpoint Strategy
  • Business Journey Transformation
    • We also offer better experiences to your customers by making service design thinking part of your own organisational culture. We develop and run in-house CX programmes, training, masterclasses, projects and toolkits.
    • Tools
      • Service Design toolkit, 3-day Service Design Masterclass, Bespoke In-house design training.